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Books set in your holiday location

Did you ever want to enhance your holiday experience by reading a novel happening in the same area? Now you can do it!

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Simona Sovič
Published: April 8, 2020

Many holidaymakers choose to read a novel, travelogue or memoir set in the destination they are visiting. It adds to their holiday experience – imagine being in a location where the action in the book happens around you. This was the thought behind the setting up of TripFiction a few years back.

We are now the ‘go to’ website for anyone looking for books set firmly in their holiday destination. We feature thousands of books by thousands of authors set in 1,800+ global locations – countries, regions, resorts, and cities. You can search by location and then drill down further by author or by genre. You are almost certain to find a book that whets your appetite – wherever in the world you are heading.

Slovenia is a country rich in its literary heritage. Drago Jančar is the most celebrated author in contemporary Slovenian drama and fiction, and his surreal, postmodern works have granted him a considerable following internationally. Jančar’s most critically acclaimed and masterful work is considered to be The Galley Slave. Chronicling the exploits and adventurous escapades of Johan Ot in his desperate attempts to escape the devout fanatics of the Inquisition. Jančar’s narrative, although experimental and poetically free flowing, is rooted in the concrete history and mythology of Central Europe.

Inspired by the modern works of Proust, Woolf and Kafka, Lojze Kovacic has erected a powerful Slovenian voice in the modern literary canon. His works articulate the limits of the human condition in an introspective and highly philosophical manner, whilst also exploring the morality of wartime.

Vitomil Zupan’s Minuet for Guitar is a complex narrative consisting of two interwoven strands in the life of a character named Berk. The recreated memories of his time spent as a guerrilla soldier in military service during WWII are juxtaposed with a meeting with a near-forgotten adversary whom he encounters during a holiday in Western Europe.

These are just three of the Slovenian writers who are very much worth exploring. Others include Vlado Žabot and Andrej Blatnik.

To find out more about Slovenian literature, visit the TripFiction site and search on Slovenia – or access our curated listing of Five Great Books set in Slovenia.

Happy reading!

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