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Food Tour Bled Experience

You must have heard of Lake Bled at some point and its picturesque little island with a church right in the middle of emerald coloured water. This dreamy Slovenian destination is much more than just eye candy. It has some delicious local food and wines not to be missed, as I discovered while joining Food

4 Bled Restaurants with a View

Bled has several high-quality restaurants serving European and Slovenian cuisine, some of them offering spectacular views of the lake and its island. There’s nothing quite as special as sitting by a window with a vast amount of calming emerald green water as far as the eye can see.

The Sweetest Bled Attraction

If you’re lucky to find yourself in this enchanting place called Bled, then you absolutely must try this popular Bled creation. No, we’re not talking about the picturesque Bled island in the middle of a deep blue lake or the magnificent Bled castle perched upon the lake and its surroundings.