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Books set in your holiday location

Many holiday makers choose to read a novel, travelogue or memoir set in the destination they are visiting. It adds to their holiday experience – imagine being in a location where the action in the book happens around you. This was the thought behind the setting up of TripFiction a few years back. We are..


Slovenia is a paradise for food lovers, with a rich and diverse cuisine from 24 gastronomic regions. If you were to go on a culinary journey around Slovenia, you’ll soon notice the gastronomic influences from its neighbouring countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. Pasta dishes, gnocchi, and risottos from Italy; sausage, schnitzel, and strudel from..

5 Tips On Staying Safe While Travelling

Although travelling can be one of the most wonderful experiences in life, it can also be one of the most daunting. While visiting a different culture might sometimes push us pleasantly out of our comfort zone, at other times, unfortunately, it might expose us to dangerous new threats. But with a bit of common sense..


Food, Cooking, Sake, Shochu, Craft Beer, Whisky: One tour company in the World’s Greatest Metropolis. We are Maction Planet Tokyo and Japan Tours, and our goal is to help you make delicious memories during your travels to Tokyo and beyond! We will show you places locals cherish for an off-the-beaten-path, foodie experience of daily life..

5 Dishes You Absolutely Need to Eat When You Visit Spain

Everyone knows that one of the many joys of traveling is getting to experience the local cuisine and try the dishes that make up the local culture. Sampling new and delicious foods is one of the simplest ways to understand more about the place that you’re visiting. Spain is a country that is known for..

Dine in the dark Sofia

“Let’s make a little train – put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you…” starts the unforgettable dark dining experience in Sofia.

A Foodie Review: Cincinnati Food Tours

It’s never too early to think about a summer holiday. Maybe you’re headed to the beach or off in search of cool mountain breezes. Or perhaps your destination is a more distant or exotic place. Is a trip to America on your calendar? If so, you’re more than likely headed to New York City, Los..

A Foodie Review: Carlsbad Food Tours

  People love food and drinks. Each one of us spends most of our time thinking about the food we want to eat at the same time the drinks that could quench our thirst. Every day, we look for several options with regards to the kind of food we eat. We wanted everything to be..

Food Tour Bled Experience

You must have heard of Lake Bled at some point and its picturesque little island with a church right in the middle of emerald coloured water. This dreamy Slovenian destination is much more than just eye candy. It has some delicious local food and wines not to be missed, as I discovered while joining Food..

4 Bled Restaurants with a View

Bled has several high-quality restaurants serving European and Slovenian cuisine, some of them offering spectacular views of the lake and its island. There’s nothing quite as special as sitting by a window with a vast amount of calming emerald green water as far as the eye can see.