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Visit Lake Bled, on the doorstep of the Julian Alps, and spoil your tastebuds with the best Slovenian dishes around.
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Blog Published June 6, 2019
Edited May 3, 2024

You must have heard of Lake Bled at some point and its picturesque little island with a church right in the middle of emerald coloured water. This dreamy Slovenian destination is much more than just eye candy. It has some delicious local food and wines not to be missed, as I discovered while joining Food Tour Bled on an unforgettable culinary afternoon.

A feast by the lake

This guided food tour promised to explore Slovenian cuisine with an experienced and fun-to-be-with guide in a breathtaking setting and they did just that. I was joined by other global travellers, eager to see what this charming idyllic place has to offer. The best thing was having a local show you around, making sure I didn’t miss the main attractions along the way.

On this tasty tour of Bled, I discovered traditional Slovenian cuisine while wining and dining in some of the best local restaurants. I learned a lot about Slovenian traditions and rich cultural heritage of Bled. What impressed me most was that I could do it in the most magnificent surroundings.

The famous cream cake

The afternoon finished with the “icing on the cake” (quite literally) – Kremšnita, the famous Bled cream cake. This perfect square of light vanilla cream and custard with a delicate puff pastry on top, generously topped with icing sugar, makes your mouth water. It’s no wonder more than 14 million cakes were sold since they started making it more than 60 years ago and that’s a lot for a country of barely 2 million people.

And if you’re feeling a tad guilty afterwards, there’s always a scenic hike up the Ojstrica hill for some unforgettable bird’s eye view of Lake Bled. But if you’re like me, then order a cup of coffee instead with the cake and enjoy the splendid lake views.

Food Tour Bled was a top-notch experience, being a part of culinary experience with other foodies while having to taste all the delicious food this region has to offer. By the time the sun sets on the peaceful lake horizon, I’ll be dreaming of that fine Bled cake.

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Food Tour Bled Experience

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A taste of Slovenia at the best restaurants in Bled
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