4 Bled Restaurants with a View

There is no one that wants to go to Bled and then not look at the awesome views there. So why shouldn't it be the same when you want to eat? Here are the restaurants when you do just that!
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Blog Published May 30, 2019
Edited May 3, 2024

Bled has several high-quality restaurants serving European and Slovenian cuisine, some of them offering spectacular views of the lake and its island. There’s nothing quite as special as sitting by a window with a vast amount of calming emerald green water as far as the eye can see. And if you’re enjoying some fine Slovenian cuisine at the same time, what more could you wish for? So here are some suggestions for a Bled food tour with a view.

Bled Castle Restaurant

Dining at the Bled Castle comes with spectacular views of Lake Bled and its island. The restaurant offers local and regional dishes made in a contemporary and sophisticated way, which aims to preserve the gastronomical heritage of Slovenia. Make sure you have a reservation and a fully charged phone battery for some amazing bird’s eye pictures. This place is also famous as a venue for weddings in Slovenia weddinglakebled.com.

Restaurant 1906 Bled

This restaurant is situated at the Triglav Hotel and is overlooking crystal clear lake waters and the charming Bled Island. The restaurant serves traditional Slovenian dishes with a modern twist while using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Private wine cellar with a wide variety of wines means you also get to enjoy a glass of high-quality wine along with the view.

Julijana Restaurant

This boutique seasonal restaurant with a view is situated in the Grand Hotel Toplice on the most beautiful part of the lake. It offers an intimate and romantic setting with fresh local food that reflects the season. And if you’re after something unforgettable, then book The Chef’s Table which is set in the very kitchen of The Grand Hotel Toplice.

Wine bar and Restaurant Sova

Nestled by the shores of Lake Bled, near the traditional Pletna boat docks, this wine bar, and restaurant offers local and European “cooking from the heart”. The chef promises a cuisine full of intuition, magic, and creativity. Along with the view of Lake Bled, the island, and surrounding hills and mountains, this should guarantee a fine dining experience.

Now it’s up to you to choose the food and the view that goes with it, whether it’s by the lake or above it, just make sure you don’t forget your camera for some envy-inducing Instagram feed.

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4 Bled Restaurants with a View

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